The partners network of Swiss SupplyChainTech is an important element for the facilitation and further development of innovations in logistics and the supply chain. It includes Start-ups, Sponsors, Communication Partners, among others. If you would like to become a partner and benefit from and contribute to our network, your are very welcome to contact us.

Sponsoring Partners

Start-ups & Growing Champions

Archlet Ltd.

Archlet, a data analytics procurement start-up originated from ETH Zurich, supports buyers in the decision process for the most desired purchasing strategy after tenders.

Key words: Source-to-Contract, Optimization, Automation/Guidance

Archlet Ltd.
Hohlstrasse 176
8004 Zürich

Kizy Tracking SA

Kizy provides scalable and affordable tracking systems to companies in the logistics and supply chain industry. Kizy develops a platform for real-time global tracking, consisting of one of the world’s smallest autonomous enterprise hardware tracker, a cloud platform for real-time tracking and an open API.

Key words: Track & Trace, Real-Time Location Monitoring, End-to-end Supply Chain Transparency, IoT Tracking Solution

Kizy Tracking SA
Pierre-à-Mazel 39
2000 Neuchâtel

Arviem AG

Arviem equips cargo shipments with mobile IoT sensor devices as core of their services. Based on the unique collected data, Arviem offers real-time monitoring and event management, supply chain optimisation, risk management and supply chain financing services.

Key words: Real-Time Cargo Monitoring, SC Risk Management, SC Finance

Arviem AG
Haldenstrasse 3
6340 Baar
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New logistics system for e-commerce
and B2B replenishment. Multi-use Smartboxes
in Trolleys automated with mobile Robots. 30-50%
reduction of space, operating cost and investments;
up to 90% reduction of packaging waste.

Key words: New Generation Storage, Fulfillment and Last Mile Delivery, Robotics & Automation, Sustainable Logistics

Pick8ship Technology AG
Richtistrasse 7
8304 Wallisellen

Cargo sous terrain AG

Cargo sous terrain is a complete logistics system for the flexible transport of small-component goods. Tunnels connect production and logistics sites with urban centres. Overground, CST distributes the transported goods in environmentally-friendly vehicles, contributing to the reduction of traffic and noise emissions.

Key words: Complete Logistics System, Underground Transport, Sustainable Goods Transport

Cargo sous terrain AG

Rebus Labs AG

Rebus Labs provides turn key solutions for cold chain, supply chain visibility and regulatory compliance automation for healthcare, food, energy and telecommunications industries. We design smart devices that connect and combine any type and quantity of sensors with real time connectivity that makes real assets smart.

Key words: Real-time Traceability, Cold-chain Monitoring, FMCG / CPG Asset Management, Product Traceability, Auditable Business Intelligence

Rebus Labs AG
Bernstrasse 1
3066 Stettlen/Bern


CHANGE3D is your Swiss 3D printing partner. We support you in every 3D printing project and provide you with the optimal solution thanks to our know-how and wide range of technologies and materials. We change your world with 3D-printing.

Key words: Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing,
Fast, Flexible, Sustainable and Cost-effective Manufacturing


Hauptstrasse 52
8865 Bilten


SeeHow a software tool that allows companies to remotely monitor and analyse their sustainability efforts on the ground, while providing trusted supply chain insights to consumers.

Key words: Responsible Sourcing, Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Brand, ESG, Remote Sensing, Image Analysis

c/o Impact Hub Zurich
Sihlquai 131
8005 Zurich

GenLots SA

GenLots developed at ETHZ, is an artificial intelligence company that discovered the optimal way to place an industrial company’s orders through time, based on its material requirements forecasts, while accounting simultaneously for all relevant factors (perishability, lead times, storage, etc.). It minimizes supply chain costs, allowing up to 40% reduction on inventory values and order costs per material.

Key words: Inbound Material Purchasing, Optimization, Automation

GenLots SA
Rue Louis de Savoie 56
1110 Morges


swissconnect is considered the fastest and most sustainable courier service in Switzerland and has specialized in urgent B2B shipments such as medical laboratory samples, medicines, spare parts and documents.

Key words: Sustainable Express Logistics, Courier Platform and App

swissconnect ag
Güterstrasse 3
6002 Luzern

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